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315 Spa

Indulge the senses and pamper yourself to your hearts content with a range of relaxing spa features to choose from. Expect to be whisked away into a heaven of tranquillity.

Our Spa is open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
We are closed Wednesdays and Sundays.

Hydro Pool

If you’re feeling frazzled and in need of complete relaxation, the new Hydro Pool promises to transport you to a whole new level of calm where your mind and body will feel instantly restored.

Forget all your worries and enjoy powerful water jets as they gently massage away the stresses and strains and leave you feeling totally at peace.

Bio Sauna

Set at a lower, more comfortable temperature, the Bio Sauna will not feel too intense but still provides all the benefits of a more traditional Finnish sauna.

With a slightly higher humidity, you will still perspire and expel toxins, which will leave you feeling cleansed and ready to take on the day.

Our Bio Sauna has two banks of infrared lights, which are known to penetrate into deep tissue and provide an even more soothing experience.

Alleviate back ache by sitting in front of one of these infrared lights and feel the tension disappear.

Salt Steam Room

Salt therapy or halotherapy, as it’s better known, has many benefits and has been used to treat a variety of ailments both in modern and ancient history.

The Greeks and Romans used it to cure respiratory illnesses and treat a variety of skin conditions.

So step into our salt steam room and feel rejuvenated after inhaling the salt infused vapour. You will find that it will aid sleep, along with completely restoring your sense of calm.

Rain Dance Shower

The Rain Dance Shower is designed so the water is enriched with air, so as it falls, it feels lighter and softer on your skin for a truly uplifting feeling and a great sense of serenity.

With two options, the blue button will give a burst of cold water to wash off the toxins expelled during a sauna or steam room experience and quickly close up the pores. The red button will feel like a normal hot shower to regain some heat after a cold blast.

Relaxation Area

Why not put your feet up in the relaxation area in between treatments and feel at home as you take in the tranquil surroundings and laze in leisure.

Chill out on soft cushioned lounger beds with friends while you wait for your nails to dry or for a quick break after the hydro pool.

Lounge Area

During a full spa day, take time out and choose from an array of thirst quenching delights; enjoy a glass of wine, coffee, herbal tea or even a smoothie and grab a light nibble before your next treatment.

Afternoon tea will also be on offer in the lounge area and is ideal for group bookings or parties, so grab some friends and recline in style with an Earl Grey (or cheeky glass of prosecco!) and a clotted cream scone!

Woodland Area

If our Relaxation and Lounge areas aren’t enough to kick back, come visit in the summer and be treated to our woodland terrace escape, nestled deep within the trees.

You can laze in your bathrobe and enjoy a glass of champagne between treatments, whilst taking in the serene and calming surroundings of nature.