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For the sausage;

400g sausage meat (ask your butcher or just split sausages out of the skins)

100g cranberries

1 diced ripe pear

100g chestnuts out of the skins

Pinch mixed herbs

1 whole egg (1/2 for the mix and ½ for brushing on top to glaze)

100g bread crumbs

Salt & pepper


1 block puff pastry (rolled out to 40cm x 20cm)



  1. For the sausage, mix all together in a big bowl really well
  2. With rolled out pasty put a fold line in it length ways and lay it flat again
  3. Place sausage meat on one side of the fold line like a long sausage, leaving 2cm round the outside of the pastry
  4. Brush round the meat with water then fold the other side of the pasty over to make a sausage roll, press down with a fork on the flat side to form a seal
  5. Place on to a baking sheet and tray
  6. Brush with the egg mix
  7. Place in a heated 190’c fan oven for 1 hour
  8. Then serve hot or warm

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315 Bar and Restaurant | Lepton | Huddersfield